Arctic Air

Arctic Air — Quick & Easy Way To Cool Any Space! Enjoy Cool, Clean Air...Anywhere! $29.99 + S&H Click here to buy now! Arctic Air is the personal space air cooler that cools, humidifies and purifies air for maximum comfort. Cool

Le Juvent

Le Juvent — Rejuvenating Formula Instantly Removes Signs of Aging From Your Skin Shop Amazon Le Juvent is the latest anti-aging breakthrough that instantly returns the youth, firmness and beauty to your skin. The facial rejuvenating formula instantly the signs

Magic Tracks

Magic Tracks — Bend it, Flex it and Race around the track! Shop Amazon Magic Tracks is the amazing racetrack that can bend, flex & grow, as you change the track into any shape or pattern. Simply snap the pieces


Maxi Climber — Easy, Fast & Efficient Full Body Workout! Shop Amazon Get the full body workout you desire with this fast and efficient workout machine! MaxiClimber is the exact hardcore workout you need for your body. MaxiClimber is lightweight

Flex Belt

Flex Belt — Light up the dark with this super bright LED light wherever you need it! $199.99 + S&H Click here to buy now! Shop Amazon Get Stronger, Toned Abs The Flex Belt is the first ab belt toning system cleared by the

Crazy Critters

Crazy Critters — Let your pets play and have fun! Shop Amazon Crazy Critters - The plush toy with no stuffing in it that no dog can resist. Allow your furry pal to have fun with other animals in a safe way.

Lace Camisole Tops

Lace Camisole Tops — Get the perfect camisole for your outfits. Shop Amazon Camisoles are important for simple outfits. Ladies need to wear them under sheer tops, for working out or simply for lounging around the home. Camisoles come in handy and

Better Bladder

Better Bladder — Control your leakage and have comfort in your bladder health again. $9.95 + S&H Click here to buy now!   Better Bladder is clinically proven and is naturally made with Lindera Root, Horsetail and Crateva Nurvala. Get your bladder under control

Baseboard Buddy

Baseboard Buddy — Clean your baseboards easily with this swivel sweeper. Shop Amazon Scrub away stubborn dirt from your sideboards and baseboards of your home. Make cleaning easier on yourself. It can be difficult for hard to reach places. Sometimes, the duster

Solar Animal Repeller

Solar Animal Repeller — Keep Unwanted Pests Out Of Your Yard Shop Amazon This high frequency ultrasonic sound animal repeller is unpleasant to animals. Once animals come within range, the built in infrared motion detector activates, both in daylight and even