Pajama Jeans

Pajama Jeans - Comfy PJ Jeans! Shop Amazon PajamaJeans — Looks Like Denim, Feels Like PJ's! Pajama Jeans are so comfortable, you will want to wear them every day. Pajama Jean's trademark DormiSoft fabric - a blend of cotton and

Strap Perfect

Strap Perfect Perfect Strap - The perfect Valentine's gift for your loved ones! Shop Amazon Now you can stop wrestling with stubborn bra straps And give your cleavage a firm, youthful lift thanks to Strap Perfect. The ultimate bra strap solution/concealer. You'll never

Ahh Bra

Ahh Bra No more wires, hook, or adjusting straps! Discover comfort and great looks with the Ahh Bra! Discover comfort, discover great looks. Ahh Bra's breakthrough technology does away with wires, hooks and adjusting straps. Ahh Bra instantly transforms your appearance. You


Slim Ts Slim Ts - Look slimmer with SlimTs. This lightweight and comfortable garment for men, flattens your stomach while lifting and shaping your chest area. Shop Amazon SlimTs — Men's body shaping tank top. SlimTs garments are unnoticeable and make you

Show Stoppers

Show Stoppers Show Stoppers - Keep your clothing in it's appropriate place with this tape specially formulated to fix fashion mishaps. Shop Amazon Show Stoppers is the perfect accessory to prevent unexpected clothing malfunctions and fix fashion faux pas. As the most


Perks Perks is the ultimate convertible bra - it has 15 hidden holes so you can decide where the straps go! Shop Amazon Imagine all the benefits of your most beloved push-up bras without the hassle of straps and underwires.