BarkOff Bark Off - Control your dogs barking with BarkOff. This is an ultrasonic training aid that stops your dog from barking. Shop Amazon BarkOff - Stop your dog from barking anytime and anywhere. We all love our dogs but there are

Pasta Boat

Pasta Boat Cooking pasta has never been more simple. Make a dinner in your microwave for your entire family in a few easy steps. Shop Amazon Pasta Boat -Pasta Boat is the fastest and easiest way to cook, drain and serve


LifeStrength Improve flexibility, range of motion, awareness, and reduced pain. Restore your body to it's natural state with LifeStrength. Shop Amazon LifeStrength - The vitamin you wear restore your body back to its natural state. LifeStrength bands produce a

Germ Bloc

Germ Bloc Protect yourself and loved ones against germs, viruses, and bacteria with Germ Bloc. It comes in a variety of patterns and retractable cord for easy attachment. Shop Amazon Germ Bloc - The ultimate germ barrier for your hands. Protect yourself


Slim Ts Slim Ts - Look slimmer with SlimTs. This lightweight and comfortable garment for men, flattens your stomach while lifting and shaping your chest area. Shop Amazon SlimTs — Men's body shaping tank top. SlimTs garments are unnoticeable and make you

Christmas Tree Plant

Christmas Tree Plant Christmas Tree Plant - Grow a Christmas tree inside your own home. Just add water and in two weeks, a tree appears. Shop Amazon Christmas Tree Plant — Surprise someone special with the Christmas miracle. Just open, water and


Mobe Mobe - This discreet flask makes it easy to indulge in your favorite beverage of choice anywhere you want. Shop Amazon Mobe — An extreme makeover in flask functionality. A reinvention of the old-school hip flask, the metal-free, BPA-Free 8oz

Halloween Plant

Halloween Plant Halloween Plant - Once Halloween Plant grows and becomes fully developed, it will reveal your secret Halloween Message. Shop Amazon Halloween Plant — Surprise someone special with the new generation of greeting card. Your Halloween Plant quickly grows to reveal your

Slim Away

Slim Away Slim Away - Look like you've lost weight instantly with Slim Away. Shop Amazon Get The Slim Trim Look You've Always Wanted! Slim Away takes inches off your waist to make you look slim instantly, and nobody can tell

Shed Pal

Shed Pal Shed Pal - Groom your pet before their hair makes a mess everywhere. Your dog or cat will prefer this over hard bristles of a brush. Shop Amazon Shed Pal — The vacuum grooming system that pets prefer. Shed Pal is

Pet Rider

Pet Rider Pet Rider - Keep your car's interior clean with Pet Rider. No more dirt, rips, or smells lingering around your vehicle. Shop Amazon Pet Rider - Protects From mud, fur, claws, and odors. Nothing makes a dog happier than to

Heat Surge

Heat Surge Heat Surge - Lower your heating bills and never feel cold again with Heat Surge! Shop Amazon The Heat Surge Roll-n-Glow electric fireplace with Amish made wood mantle, is the best and easiest way to save money on gas bills.

Bake Pops

Bake Pops Turn your favorite cake mix into Bake Pops. All you have to do is bake them, decorate, and enjoy. With Bake Pops, you can create any cake pops you can imagine. Shop Amazon Bake Pops — Pop 'Em,

Justice Coin

Justice Coin Justice Coin - In Commemoration of the Events of May 1, 2011. The United States will always remember September 11, 2001 and those guilty of this catastrophe. The terrible events of September 11, 2001, will live in infamy, but

Half Time

Half Time Half Time - Drill, Flip, Drive and Be Done in Half the Time. If finishing home improvements require too much effort, let Half Time help. Shop Amazon Drill, Flip, Drive and be done in half the time. Do your home

Nature’s Greeting

Nature's Greeting Nature's Greeting - Just add water and watch the secret message grow. The plant will grow out of the can, displaying the message. Shop Amazon Nature's Greeting is designed to intrigue, surprise, and excite your friends and loved ones. Everyone loves


Slice-O-Matic Slice-O-Matic - Spend more time enjoying your meal instead of chopping & slicing to prepare for it with this handy chopping blade. Shop Amazon Tired of all that chopping and slicing? Now there's a quicker and better way with Slice-O-Matic. Just tap

Show Stoppers

Show Stoppers Show Stoppers - Keep your clothing in it's appropriate place with this tape specially formulated to fix fashion mishaps. Shop Amazon Show Stoppers is the perfect accessory to prevent unexpected clothing malfunctions and fix fashion faux pas. As the most

Magic Plant Treasures

Magic Plant Treasures Magic Plant Treasures - Once you plant your bean, the image of a creature will appear once it grows. Have fun while learning about plants. Shop Amazon Magic Plant Treasures is the Plant that Sprouts to Reveal a Surprise