Chest Magic

Chest Magic - Get the Perfect Upper Body and Abs in Just Minutes a Day Shop Amazon Chest Magic is the ultimate upper body workout, combining four workouts in one. Endorsed by Jennifer Nicole Lee, its unique U-shaped sliding motion targets

Banjo Minnow

Banjo Minnow - Catch any fish! Shop Amazon Get everything you'll need to catch any fresh or salt water species, including the most lifelike lure ever created. It looks and swims like a real fish while mimicking the spastic action

Pajama Jeans

Pajama Jeans - Comfy PJ Jeans! Shop Amazon PajamaJeans — Looks Like Denim, Feels Like PJ's! Pajama Jeans are so comfortable, you will want to wear them every day. Pajama Jean's trademark DormiSoft fabric - a blend of cotton and

Think N Lose

Think N Lose - Home Body Wrap! Shop Amazon Lose weight faster and easier than ever before. Now you can try "Think And Lose" at no charge for 30 days. Lose the weight or you don't pay a penny- not even

Thin ‘n Sexy

Thin 'n Sexy Thin 'n Sexy - Home Body Wrap! Shop Amazon Get a spa quality wrap at home with Thin 'n Sexy. You'll get results in as little as 60 minutes. The package includes the Body Sculpting Cream that tightens and

Amos TV

Amos TV Amos TV - Ambiance of the sea! Shop Amazon Amos - Welcome to A Universe of Wonders! Explore the ocean and heavens as you've never seen before with Amos. Experience captivating views of the mysterious life and structures of the

One Touch Cordless Knife

One Touch Cordless Knife One Touch Cordless Knife - Dice, chop and carve in seconds! Shop Amazon The One Touch Cordless Knife is portable, cordless and lightweight kitchen tool that perfectly slices, dices, chops, cuts, cubes, and fillets in seconds. Carve your


Shampaw Shampaw - Pet washing glove! Shop Amazon A clean dog is a happy dog - wash your dog in just five minutes. Bath time no longer has to be messy or tiring. Forget filling tubs, dragging the hose out or struggling

Glow Grip

Glow Grip Glow Grip - Peel and press to illuminate! Shop Amazon Glow In The Dark Super Grip Traction Strips Designed with Super Grip Traction! Glow Grips give you an ultimate non-slip surface. Never stumble around in the dark again - the glow


APY60 APY60 — American Power Yoga! Shop Amazon Get The Body and The Life You Want! Lose weight, gain strength and find peace with APY60. Developed by Kurt Johnsen, the founder of American Power Yoga and a renowned yoga and fitness instructor,

Light Stim

Light Stim Light Stim — Eliminate Wrinkles in Just Minutes A Day Shop Amazon Reduce wrinkles at home without the hassle or cost of multiple trips to the doctor. Light Stim is a light therapy device that emits a therapeutic wavelength


Bumpits Bumpits - Get the perfect lift for your hairstyle! Shop Amazon Go from flat to fabulous! Bumpits self gripping leave-in volumizing hair inserts give you instant volume and let you enjoy feeling confident and beautiful! Look as if you just stepped

Lasting Protection

Lasting Protection Lasting Protection - Protect your house surfaces from bacteria and germs! Shop Amazon Lasting Protection protects any surface from bacteria, mold, fungus, algae, and mildew that cause odors, stains or deterioration. The anti microbial barrier protects and prevents 24/7 and

Dr. Ho’s Back Belt

Dr. Ho's Back Belt Dr. Ho's Back Belt - Get relief from hindering back pain! Shop Amazon Do you have minor to severe back pain that affects your quality of life? Dr Ho's Decompression Back Belt is a revolutionary new product engineered


Lucidal Lucidal - Cognitive Enhancer! Shop Amazon Do you have poor memory? Can't concentrate? Brain fog? Sharpen mental focus, attention and concentration. Enhance thinking speed and clarity. You don't deserve to be stuck. Enjoy your life again and gain back your mental

Aqua Rug

Aqua Rug Aqua Rug - Absorbent Bathroom Towel! Shop Amazon Aqua Rug is the world's first carpet uniquely made for your shower, tub or anywhere there's water, dirt and mildew. It's slip resistant and requires no suction cups, so Aqua Rug will