LipiGesic LipiGesic - Stop Migraines Before They Stop You! Shop Amazon LipiGesic is the powerful, all natural way to beat migraine pain. Unlike pills or capsules, more than 75% of LipiGesic's powerful ingredients reach the bloodstream. From tongue to brain, the under-the-tongue


DogPedic DogPedic - Memory Foam Bed for Dogs! Shop Amazon With the combination of memory and supporting foam, now your pets can get the comfort they deserve. This bed conforms to your dog's body giving them overall support and relieves arthritis, hip,

Rocket Copters

Rocket Copters Rocket Copters - Super Bright, Light Up The Night, Radical Helicopters! Shop Amazon Rocket Copters are radical helicopters that are super bright and light up the night sky, launching up to 120 feet. The high intensity LED lights can be

BlanKid Buddy

BlanKid Buddy BlanKid Buddy - Stay warm and have fun! Shop Amazon BlanKid Buddy is a 4-In-1 blanket, backpack, pillow, and plush animal. The "must-have" BlanKid Buddy is the ultimate companion for kids and space-saver for parents. With three amazing animal characters

Power Plank

Power Plank Power Plank - Core workout! Shop Amazon Power Plank combines the most natural strengthening pose of the far east with the reverse crunch and cutting edge technology designed to give you the most incredible core workout in history. Get fit

Shower Wow

Shower Wow Shower Wow - A Light Up Shower Experience! Shop Amazon Have you ever owned an LED Shower head? Transform Your Shower into a Relaxing Time! The Shower Wow shower head has seven fading, vibrant colors that is great fun for

PetZoom Bath N Groom

PetZoom Bath N Groom PetZoom Bath N Groom - Get Your Pet Smelling Fresh! Shop Amazon No more hassle with cleaning your pet! With PetZoom Bath N' Groom, you'll be able to clean your pets in no time. PetZoom Bath N' Groom

Kiyoseki Styler

Kiyoseki Styler Kiyoseki Mineral Ceramic Styler - Give Mom the Perfect Gift this Year! Shop Amazon This 3-in-1 professional styler straightens, curls and volumizes. In just minutes a day turn dull, dry hair into shiny, condition healthy hair. This sleek, lightweight ceramic styler

Titan Peeler

Titan Peeler Titan Peeler - Peel In Any Direction! Up, Down, Back and Forth! Shop Amazon Cuts time in half! The Titan Peeler is the world’s best peeler for your kitchen needs. Made of long lasting, dishwasher safe Stainless steel it has no


Genesphere Genesphere - Anti-Wrinkle Breakthrough! Shop Amazon Like no anti-wrinkle treatment on earth. GeneSphere, with patented QuSomes, is the first great anti-wrinkle breakthrough since BOTOX. Your skin will look years younger and smoother within minutes of application, working in a way no other


Dropps Dropps - Liquid Laundry Detergent! Shop Amazon Dropps is the innovative laundry detergent that makes laundry time simple. It's super-concentrated formula fits in pre-measured dissolvable pacs for foolproof laundry. They're ideal for anyone who wants to save time, forget the hassle of

Bottle Top

Bottle Top Bottle Top - Turn your favorite canned drink into a bottle! Shop Amazon Bottle Top is the reusable and dishwasher safe lid for your can. With these covered lids you'll eliminate spills for good and can now save that unfinished

Power Juicer

Power Juicer Power Juicer - The ultimate juicing machine Shop Amazon We have redesigned our best selling juicer with a new, sleek stainless steel finish. The Power Juicer can deliver a power punch packed with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that's sure to

Pet Pain Away

Pet Pain Away Pet Pain Away - Chronic Pain Relief for your Furry Friend! Shop Amazon Pet Pain Away gives all-natural chronic pain relief for dogs and cats, helping your best friend feel their best again! The great tasting formula comes in an


Flexzilla As Seen On TV Flexzilla Garden Hose - If It's Not Zillagreen, It's Not Flexzilla As Low As $19.99 + S&H Click here to buy now! Flexzilla is a lightweight, extremely flexible and extremely durable premium hose that has extreme all-weather flexibility. The