Glow Grip

Glow Grip Glow Grip - Peel and press to illuminate! Shop Amazon Glow In The Dark Super Grip Traction Strips Designed with Super Grip Traction! Glow Grips give you an ultimate non-slip surface. Never stumble around in the dark again - the glow

Aqua Rug

Aqua Rug Aqua Rug - Absorbent Bathroom Towel! Shop Amazon Aqua Rug is the world's first carpet uniquely made for your shower, tub or anywhere there's water, dirt and mildew. It's slip resistant and requires no suction cups, so Aqua Rug will

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror Magic Mirror - The Amazing Anti-Fog Shield Shop Amazon Magic Mirror is an anti-fog applique that has a patented nanotechnology layer that stays clear on your bathroom mirror, even in the steamiest of conditions. Magic Mirror can simply stick on every


Scrubtastic Clean your tough surfaces with Scrubtastic! Shop Amazon Get those pesky scum off your surfaces with Scrubtastic! This essential household item will make cleaning much easier for you. Scrubtastic helps restore surfaces and fixtures in just minutes! With the

Bidet Buddy

Bidet Buddy Feel fresh and clean with Bidet Buddy! Shop Amazon Feel fresh and clean after using the restroom with Bidet Buddy! Toilet paper can be irritating, expensive and bad for the environment. Other countries have been using bidets for years. Bidets


Press2Paste Less mess and less waste of toothpaste with Press2Paste! Shop Amazon Never waste toothpaste with Press2Paste! Kids often squeeze too much paste out and waste so much! Press2Paste disperses the perfect amount each and every time with just a press. A

Ring X

Ring X Get rid of ugly toilet stains fast! Double Offer! Only $10 Plus $6.99 P&H Click here to buy now. Shop Amazon Get rid of those unsightly stubborn stains in your toilet fast with Ring X! Ring X is made 100% of pumice stone