Spin Maid

Spin Maid — Make easy and tasty pre-cut brownies and baked goods in this Red Copper ceramic pan! $49.99 + S&H Click here to buy now! SpinMaid was invented and designed by a woman for all those that are looking for a simpler

Engrave-It Pro

Engrave-It Pro - Engrave your favorite messages on anything! Shop Amazon Engrave messages, letters or any type of design onto nearly anything with Engrave-It Pro! It works just like a pen. Simply press the button and engrave what you need to

Hairdo Clip-in Bangs

Hairdo Clip-in Bangs - Safe Way to Get Rid of Bed Bugs! Shop Amazon Hairdo Clip-in Bang by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves! Now you can have instant bangs without the commitment of cutting your hair. Available in nine multi-blended, salon-inspired

Quick Chop

Quick Chop - Dice, Chop & Mince in Seconds Shop Amazon Dice, chop and mince in seconds with Quick Chop. The food gets finer with every slap and you'll never have to switch the blade. Quick Chop makes clean up

Smart Spin

Smart Spin - The perfect storage solution Shop Amazon Smart Spin conveniently holds all your storage needs right at your fingertips. It's unique patented design slides forward, then spins like a carousel making it simple to find the right container.

PetZoom Bath N Groom

PetZoom Bath N Groom PetZoom Bath N Groom - Get Your Pet Smelling Fresh! Shop Amazon No more hassle with cleaning your pet! With PetZoom Bath N' Groom, you'll be able to clean your pets in no time. PetZoom Bath N' Groom

Titan Peeler

Titan Peeler Titan Peeler - Peel In Any Direction! Up, Down, Back and Forth! Shop Amazon Cuts time in half! The Titan Peeler is the world’s best peeler for your kitchen needs. Made of long lasting, dishwasher safe Stainless steel it has no

Power Juicer

Power Juicer Power Juicer - The ultimate juicing machine Shop Amazon We have redesigned our best selling juicer with a new, sleek stainless steel finish. The Power Juicer can deliver a power punch packed with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that's sure to

Body Back Buddy

Body Back Buddy Body Back Buddy - Massage those tough spots correctly! Shop Amazon Body Back Buddy - Treat Hard-to-Reach Sore Muscles Quickly and Effectively Stimulate and relax your muscles with this lightweight, durable, natural "S" shape design. The Body Back Buddy features

Blendy Splitz

Blendy Splitz Blendy Splitz — Get Your Rock Solid Abs! Shop Amazon Blendy Spiltz Forget dips and spills left from other coloring kits, Blendy Splitz provides blending fun with no setup or cleanup. These Blendy Pens will keep your kids happy. No more

Pasta N More

Pasta N More Pasta N More - The Amazing New 5-in-1 Pasta Cooker! Shop Amazon The Amazing New 5-in-1 Pasta Cooker. Cook, Drain and Serve All In One. Pasta N More is made of certified materials, fits in any microwave, its dishwasher safe